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The most beautiful beaches of Corsica

If you are on holiday in Porto-Vecchio, you have made the right choice! Welcome to the far south of Corsica, in the heart of the natural marine jewels that make up our landscape: the most beautiful beaches! Let’s take a tour of the exceptional beaches from the north of Porto-Vecchio to the south.

Beaches of south Corsica

The extreme south of Corsica is renowned for its magnificent seaside landscapes, a natural setting preserved thanks to the protection of the International Marine Park which extends from the tip of Chiappa, at the opening of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, to the Bouches of Bonifacio. Increased surveillance by park officers has made it possible to safeguard this exceptional marine heritage of marine fauna and flora endemic to our seabed.

Porto-Vecchio is surrounded to the north and south by magnificent white sandy beaches, bordered by fragrant scrubland and bathed in transparent and crystal clear waters. We have nothing to envy to the Caribbean because at only 1 hour’s flight from the continent, its idyllic landscapes await you !

Pinareddu beach

Pinarello Beach is located 15 km from Le Goéland in the hamlet of the same name Pinarello-Pinareddu. It is a large beach bordered by a pine forest, protected from the wind with easy access for families and their children. This beautiful cove is complemented by a small port sheltering small fishing boats and a pleasant marina where you can eat and shop.
On the right is the islet Pinarello which stretches into the sea, accessible by a water pass for the most sporty. Offshore, “A Ruscana” thrones, a pink prophyry island, forming an integral part of the setting.

You can park easily in front of the pine forest.

La plage de Pinarellu

Saint Cyprien beach

The beach of Saint Cyprien San Ciprianu is located 10 km from the hotel in the town of Lecci. This rounded bay is bordered by fine white sand. The beach is bordered by the Arasu pond. The village of St Cyprien is a small adjoining marina where you can eat, drink, shop or book water sports. Free parking is available just in front of the beach.

Plage de Saint Cyprien

Benedettu beach

The beach of Benedettu is less known and less frequented than the other beaches of Porto-Vecchio. It is located on the seaside road, towards St Cyprien and Cala Rossa, on a peninsula 11 km from the hotel. It is bordered by the pond of the same name and overlooks the exit of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio.

Plage du Benedettu

Carataggia beach

The beach of Carataggia – Carrataghju is a small wild and preserved cove in a natural setting. It is the first of the beaches to the south of the town 11 km from the hotel between the tip of Chiappa and Palombaggia. Also known as Tahiti beach, it is located in a nature reserve and can be reached by foot in a good 20 minutes walk or by sea. Taking the Palombaggia road, you must cross the hamlet of Piccovaggia, and park near the trailhead through the scrubland. An experience to try…

Plage de Carataggia

Palombaggia beach

The beach of Palombaggia – Palumbaghja is certainly the most famous beach in Corsica, extendig over 10 km of fine sand. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, often cited as a reference because it is so naturally beautiful.
A succession of coves, delimited by accessible rocky passages, are bordered by scrubland and umbrella pines. It is an area protected by the coastal conservatory and home to many rare endemic species.

The part of the beach called Cala di Lume is non-smoking and has a supervised swimming area. A lifeguard station is in place in high season and people with reduced mobility can easily access the sea. Along this large beach, you will find many restaurants, bars and water sports.
Many parking spaces, sometimes for a fee, are available.

Many parking spaces, sometimes for a fee, are available

Palombaggia beach

Tamarriciu beach

Tamaracciu beach is located south of Palombaggia beach. The photos of this beach often appear on the postcards of southern Corsica, thanks in particular to its particularly photogenic umbrella pine.

Paid and private parking is available in the vicinity of restaurants. Parking along the Palombaggia road is not recommended as it causes traffic jams during peak periods.

Tamarriciu beach

Acciaro beach

Acciaro – Acciaghju Beach is the southernmost beach in the Bay of Palombaggia. Thanks to its orientation it is more protected from the wind than its neighbours. It is a wild beach full of charm with a family and relaxed atmosphere.

Acciaro beach

Santa Giulia beach

The beach of Santa Giulia – Santa Ghjulia is one of the most famous in Corsica, located 8 km from the hotel in a shell-shaped gulf, with shallow waters, combining myriad shades of turquoise blue. The pond of the same name is protected and allows the reproduction of many bird species. A victim of its own success, this beach is very busy in high season.

Access by the T10 departmental road towards Bonifacio then 4 km on the left at the sign indicating Moby Dick and Castell’Verde Hôtels.

Plage de Santa Giulia