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[ Portrait ] of Chef Romuald Gruber

Portrait of Chief Romuald Gruber, self-taught artist. Chef Romuald Gruber’s desserts are a visual and taste sensation when they arrive on the Goéland’s tables, arousing both your curiosity and your taste buds. Chef Gruber designs his pastries like real miniature jewels.

Chef Romuald Gruber

His career

The story of the Pastry Chef Romuald Gruber began cooking at the age of 15. This child from Bonifacio entered the hotel school to become a waiter. Not really convinced by this vocation, he finally obtained a CAP/BEP in cookery. It was during his last internship that he became a pastry clerk. Initially confined to the clerk’s uncreative tasks, he quickly became curious and inventive. As soon as he had the opportunity, he learnt new recipes with the chef of the Arbousier restaurant in Porticcio. The profession of pastry chef came naturally to Romuald, who never stops composing original and delicious sweets.

After an apprenticeship in pastry, at the Belvedere restaurant in Porto-Vecchio, where he worked alongside the pastry chef, his passion was confirmed.
 In 2001, he became a pastry chef at the Bonifacio Nautical Centre, and in 2005 he moved to the Caravelle in Bonifacio.

The pastries of the Goléand

Le Goéland

In 2014, he applied for the position of Head Pastry Chef at Le Goéland. This year he is starting his 4th season at the Casa Santini restaurant.

Romuald loves pastry, the perfect balance of flavours,subtle and instinctive. His passion is inspired by the pastries of great chefs such as Pierre Hermé‘s Ispahan, whose flavours he has kept but whose shape he has completely changed, or “le Citron vert” of Cédric Grolet which has been preserved but whose flavours have been cleverly adapted
Romuald’s desserts are meant to be comforting and reassuring and it is especially surprising when they arrive on our guests’ tables. Passion, desire and curiosity allow him to constantly question himself, he sharpens his technical skills and refines the combination of flavours for an eating experience close to perfection.
Wishing to transmit a part of himself through his creations, Chef Gruber is very attentive to the opinions of his customers, whom he likes to consider as VIPs. He does not hesitate to modify his preparations so that they please the greatest number of people.

Simon Milet et Romuald Gruber
Left: Simon Milet | Right: Chef Romuald Gruber

2018, a gourmet duo

This 2018 season, our pastry chef is assisted by Simon Milet. These two do not function as a leader and his second, but rather as a true pair. These two partners exchange, motivate and inspire each other. The chief talks about Simon as “a serious young man, full of energy, very attentive and who loves his job”. He can see a bit of himself in Simon, working his way up from the kitchen and passionate about pastry, as it was during an internship, 3 years ago, that Simon turned to pastry.

Here is a portrait that has hopefully made your mouth water and encourage you to discover Casa Santini. It is not necessary to be a guest of the hotel to come and taste the delicacies of our dessert menu, you can take a break to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden facing the sea. Every day, five desserts are served à la carte in our bar-lounge, enhanced with 2 creations of the day. Our head barman will suggest that you accompany your delicacies with delicate infusions made from island herbs or fresh herbal teas.

Currently on our dessert menu:

Croquant d’agrumes
Mi-cuit, cœur praliné croustillant, glace vanille
Tartelette citron meringuée, crème basilic
Dôme glacé au Brocciu
La douceur du pâtissier

The five desserts of Casa Santini

We invite you to discover all these delicacies at the Table du Goéland every day for lunch or dinner.
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