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Lounge aperitif facing the sea

Lounge aperitif facing the sea The Apéritif Lounge in the garden of the Hôtel Goéland every Wednesday from 5pm to 9pm is a unique moment to enjoy as a couple or with friends. The opportunity to end a day in a gentle musical atmosphere. Discover our selection of homemade tapas by enjoying one of our […]

14th July at Le Goéland / Casa Santini

July 14th at Le Goéland / Casa Santini In Porto-Vecchio, on 14th July, on the Porto-Vecchio marina, a traditional fireworks display is held to celebrate our national holiday. Hotel Le Goéland, Casa Santini is probably the best place to be to enjoy this beautiful evening. And why is Le Goéland THE PLACE TO BE on […]

Music Festival : Jazz

Music Celebration : Jazz Since its creation in 1982, the Festival of Music has traditionally celebrated the summer solstice every night on 21st June. For this occasion at Hotel Le Goéland we offer our hotel and restaurant guests a jazz concert with the band Café Rose Syncopators. The orchestra will play two 45-minute sets: from […]

[ Portrait ] of Romuald Gruber

[ Portrait ] of Chef Romuald Gruber Portrait of Chief Romuald Gruber, self-taught artist. Chef Romuald Gruber’s desserts are a visual and taste sensation when they arrive on the Goéland’s tables, arousing both your curiosity and your taste buds. Chef Gruber designs his pastries like real miniature jewels. His career The story of the Pastry […]

GT Corsica Racing Tour 2018

GT Corsica Racing Tour 2018 On the occasion of the GT CORSICA TOUR 2018 organized by the association Corsica Team Event that many enthusiasts of vintage cars stopped by the hotel La Casa Santini. Beautiful Maserati, but also Ferrari and Jaguar could be admired in the hotel’s car park. There could not be a more […]

The most beautiful beaches of Corsica

The most beautiful beaches of Corsica If you are on holiday in Porto-Vecchio, you have made the right choice! Welcome to the far south of Corsica, in the heart of the natural marine jewels that make up our landscape: the most beautiful beaches! Let’s take a tour of the exceptional beaches from the north of […]

[ Portrait ] Chef Satoshi Kubota

[ Portrait ] Chef Satoshi Kubota This year, Chef Satoshi Kubota took command of the Goéland’s restaurant in Porto-Vecchio. Of Japanese origin he arrived in France 40 years ago. He was passionate about the cuisine of our country very early on and his menu perfectly combines French cuisine and Japanese subtlety. From Japan to the […]