. La terrasse au bord de l'eau de l'Hôtel Le Goéland Casa Santini

July 14th at Le Goéland / Casa Santini

In Porto-Vecchio, on 14th July, on the Porto-Vecchio marina, a traditional fireworks display is held to celebrate our national holiday. Hotel Le Goéland, Casa Santini is probably the best place to be to enjoy this beautiful evening. And why is Le Goéland THE PLACE TO BE on 14th July ?

Le jardin du Goéland

If you have not yet tasted the cuisine of Chef Satoshi here is an opportunity to try this taste experience and get your taste buds in shape. The chef, of Japanese origin, is in love with French cuisine and knows how to perfectly combine French know-how and Asian cuisine. A panel of gourmet dishes, subtle and original, elaborated over the seasons according to local products.
You will be seduced by the sweet notes of our Chef pâtissier Romuald Gruber which add a touch of delicacy and elegance at the end of the meal. Here too, your tastebuds will enjoy delicious sweets, presented with originality and passion in a harmony of flavours.

From the Goéland’s terrace on 14th July, you will have a front row seat to admire the fireworks display which takes place just in front of you in the Gulf. Celebrating French gastronomy and its national holiday in an ideal location is the best reason to spend this special evening at Casa Santini.